Steps 1, 2 & 3 provided me guidance on gaining a strong knowledge and understanding of my assignment and the author, Michael Christopher Brown.

My task, taking one photograph per day, for a week was a challenging thought for me. Before thinking deeper into it, I wondered how I could make an interesting series when I don’t particularly do much other that do uni work, part time paid work and relaxing.

In the assignment, the notion was raised that what if these 7 images were not only to define my week, by also defined myself. By asking myself questions, I hoped to unpick this and expand my horizons on how I could go about completing this task. I had to think about how I would want to be represented VS. how I actually feel, due to if I only photograph how I want to be defined, this may juxtapose to how I truly feel. In turn, this only contrasts to how Brown takes an “honest path”, which as a result is to do with “finding a voice”. In this case, I created 2 mind maps: one for how I want to be represented, the other how I actually feel, hoping to compare to find a way to link together these mixed feelings and illustrate them in my work – whilst still reflecting my week.

I wanted to be as honest as I possibly could whilst engaging with this assignment. Due to this, I decided to write a diary entry for each day of this week – describing how I felt before going out and photographing, as well as explaining how I came to photographing what I did, what purpose there was. By doing so, I believed that these entries would allow to partly present how I am to be defined, along with the actual image enhancing this.

I carried on exploring the notion of taking an “honest path” and what this meant. I concluded that, to me, this signified having a purpose, a motive, something that has a true and worthy meaning. I found this task as an opportunity to push myself out of my normal routine, as well as pushing myself to find a purpose in every day life by visiting new environments that I have wanted to for a while. Through exploring new environments, I was able to:

1. Create journeys similarly to Brown

2. Discover new things that respond to my senses

I questioned how I would find a purpose each day for 7 days, only photographing what was “absolutely necessary”. Therefore I questioned, what do I perceive as necessary, required, essential? In regards to finding something necessary in an environment I am unfamiliar with, I perceived the concept of necessity as something that, like previously mentioned, responds to my senses, something that draws me in and makes me feel a certain way. This is something I would only discover when actually within the environment, but that in itself is alluring, the mystery.

I then began planning where I was going to visit.


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