Day 1

Day 1: Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk.

Diary entry:

Today I feel motivated and positive – the sun is out and has instantly put me in a good mood. Mum doesn’t really want to go out today as she’s tired but it’d be a shame not to go out in this weather. I’m a little annoyed as my mobile phone screen is completely cracked, but I’m really excited to shoot on my Canon 5d Mark 2.

I had such a great time at Felbrigg. When we’ve previously visited once before (a year ago from now actually), we walked around the grounds, whereas this time we ventured around the gardens and allotment type plots. The range of flora sparked colour everywhere you looked. There was one plant, a tropical, orange colour planted beneath a palm tree – it looked so busy and exotic – I loved it. There were chickens running freely and lambs you could cuddle, as it’s lambing season. On the way out I noticed a drooping yellow flower with long, fine filaments reaching through the delicate, slightly curved petals. I was drawn to photographing this and had to position myself in an awkward way to get the angle I wanted. Just as I was getting into this position, loads of people came walking past and stopped to watch me photograph this flower. 

1 Sunday

This was a great start to my week, I felt positive and motivated to venture further into these adventures and explore new journeys.


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