Day 2

Day 2: South Hill Road Woods

Diary entry:

Today I got up early and was ready to leave the house earlier than expected but again, the sun was out – there was a cool breeze but my mum said is was coming and going  when she was gardening. I was looking forward to walking to a destination, rather than driving as the location was only about a 10 minutes walk from my house. I wondered if walking to the location would enhance the journey at all and was optimistic as to what I’ll discover and be drawn to. 

Part of the journey to the location was my old school route which brought back a lot of memories, having been away from home for so long. I caught myself surprised at the fact that I’d only just walked down this particular road (which is a joining road to mine) having been home for 2 weeks. When entering the woods, I noticed a definite change in sound. The sound of cars had gone and all I could hear was birds singing and the trees blowing together from the wind. This is my favourite sound as it instantly calms me and makes me appreciate the natural world around me, more so than usual. I began walking and came across a motorbike that had been set alight and was covered in ash, with a decomposed tire and body. As I was photographing this, an old man with his dog came along and asked if this was “part of an art project”. He sounded confused after I explained the reason I had come to the woods. He then asked “oh so you didn’t put this here?”. We both laughed as we concluded it must had been stolen. 

I carried on my journey. There were many routes feeding off from the path I was on, so I went with what way felt right to explore. I felt immersed within the environment – the warm sun was beaming down with the birds singing. I could hear random snaps in the bushes around me from animals were running around. I felt completely content and happy. I felt like I could stay there for hours just taking in all of the sound. As silly as it sounds, my senses were in their element. The sight of little birds, the woodland scenery and the way in which the sun formed shadowed shapes through the trees. The sound of singing birds, the wind rustling the trees above my head and the crunchy of the leafs beneath my feet. There was no distinct smell, but the air was fresh with a slight mix of bark and leafs. 

I had discovered so much on this journey and had several encounters with dogs and their owners. I had been walking for an hour before I was truly allured to something. From going off route, and getting lost, I saw a bed of bright bluebells amongst a carpet of grass, surrounded by huge trees. The colour was so intense and vivid which juxtaposed with the mass of brown covering the entire woodland. There was only a small clump and I was amazed that these were the only ones I’d found in the entire wood after walking for an hour.

2 Monday


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