Day 3

Day 3: Little Plumstead Church, Norwich

Diary entry:

Today I felt fairly drained and unenthusiastic. I was motivated to go out and find a new place but I couldn’t think of anywhere within walking distance, and if I were to travel by car, I’d have to wait until my mum got back from work. This was the case, but when my mum got home, she was exhausted and I didn’t want to drag her out, especially when I still hadn’t found or thought of anywhere to visit, and in addition to this, it had been raining all day. My mum suggested the church where her and my dad got married as I had never actually been there before, even though several of my friends live in that village. 

Amazingly, on the drive to the church, the sun came out and the sky turned clear blue. I was excited to explore this brand new place, especially as my mum grew up around the corner from it and got married there. My mum and I were walking around the small plot, I was taking in the scenery as mum was looking at the gravestones planted around. She found several of people who she used to know in the village as a young girl. One of the graves was of a lady who my mum my mum knew and carried on to tell me how she used to go round hers with her brother (my uncle) after school. As we were walking down the uneven path, I noticed a large tree with,  from what I could make out, small flowers on the end. The sun was shining through from behind the tree which reduced my vision and subsequently limited my access to see what flowers were on the end of the branches. I became all the more intrigued as to what it was due to the fact that I couldn’t see it clearly. This is what drew me into this feature of the church grounds. When I got closer, I found tiny, delicate buds of green flowers emerging from peeled back petal like leafs. I wanted to capture what I had, in some respects, uncovered and discovered.  

3 Tuesday


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