Day 4

Day 4: Thorpe Recreation Woods

Diary entry:

I was extremely worried about how I would go about today. I was working a lunch and evening shift, not giving me much time at all in between shifts, as well as before and after. Before my first shift, I hadn’t planned on visiting anywhere in particular and decided that I will take the day as it comes and hope that something on my walk home would interest me. 

After my lunch shift, I walked home a different route than usual. I walked up a main, busy road which made me feel anxious, but I knew there was an entrance to a woodland area part way up this road. By the time I got to the woodland entrance, I was really warm from walking in the direct sun, but decided to leave my coat on and just take in my surroundings whilst feeling the full benefit of the sun being out. Whilst walking along the uneven soil pathway, cut through by tree roots, I could still hear the sound of the main road, until I walked past a particular bush. Although I could still hear the sound of cars from the main road, this bush was full of chirping birds and one bird in particular repeatedly sang a song. I stood there for a moment and let my senses take this in. Visually, I couldn’t see a single bird as the bush was so overgrown, yet sound wise, my ears were filled with the chirps and singing, along with the wind rustling the trees and branches together. Although this allured my sense of sound, I decided to carry on following the route around until I found something that engaged me like the previous days. 

I approached a low hanging trees covered in tiny white flowers that were so beautifully delicate. I investigated the form of the flora and fell in love with the form of how they’d blossomed from the tightly closed bud into weightless, dainty flowers. 

4 Wednesday


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