Day 5

Day 5: Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Diary entry:

Today I woke up feeling tired, negative and ill. I was working a lunch time shift and after walking home I felt drained. My mum got home from work and told me to have a nap as I looked exhausted. After my nap I didn’t feel as tired, but my body still felt drained and achey. It was raining outside and all I had on my mind was getting uni sketchbook work and essay done.   

I love looking back at old photographs, that tends to cheer me up or passes the time. Today I was looking through the images I took at Felbrigg Hall on Sunday when I found this image. The depth of field drew me in and the more I looked over the image, the more the composition allowed me to feel as though I was back there. The broken, uneven path surrounded by mounted grass lumps. The tone reflects the terrain perfectly. One thing I loved when revisiting this image is how it differs from my previous photos taken this week. This long/medium shot illustrates a journey I physically walked and carried out, in comparison to something I found along the way. Although you could argue that this photo wasn’t actually taken on this day, you could also argue that today I discovered this photograph, I discovered this environment visually by revisiting and was drawn into the image and the notion of the journey you gain through looking at it. 

5 Thursday


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