Day 6

Day 6: Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

Diary entry:

I woke up in a really bad mood today. I wanted to be excited to visit Oxburgh Hall but my mood wouldn’t shift. I felt negative about everything and randomly began thinking about how crappy things were a couple of years ago. It has been a few years since bad stuff happened, but it still affected me today, annoyingly. I was majorly stressing about my uni work – getting it done and whether it’d be good enough. I was silently stressing and becoming anxious which was causing me to feel unwell. 

I slept in the car on the way, at a funny angle, so my neck was stiff when I woke up and didn’t improve my mood. When we arrived, I refrained from really speaking to my parents so I wouldn’t snap at something they said as I felt myself getting more and more irritable. The site wasn’t what I had expected – it’s a National Trust site, therefore I imagined a grand formal garden, or at least some flowers. The castle was beautiful but it didn’t particularly interest me. We walked around a small ‘nature walk’ area, again, nothing really drew me in – it was all quite plain and I could hear cars driving by. We followed this round to a long walk around the grounds. It became more peaceful, but visually increasingly boring as I was surrounded by flat fields. As I approached a corner, I heard the sound of pouring water. I became a little optimistic as to what I would see. I found a bridge with a small stream running underneath. As I carried on walking, I found a soil pathway surrounded by daffodils and cut down trees (presumably to encourage insects to inherit the habitat). The combination of the pouring water behind me, now in the distance, and the peaceful sound of birds singing and chirping made me feel at ease, relaxed and content – like I did on Monday. The sun was bouncing off the flowers and woodland features – I had to capture this moment and these visuals of the sun flaring against the busy green surrounding the daffodils and trees.

6 Friday


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