Day 7

Day 7: My back garden

Diary entry:

Today was my penultimate day in Norwich, Norfolk and throughout my 3 week stay back at home, I have noticed the small birds come and go on our berry tree in our back garden. My parents take a lot of pride in landscaping the garden, as well as maintaining it for the wildlife that come and go each day. They regularly put out food for the birds and today was the first day I did this. I was putting off doing uni work and wanted to relax with my mum when I noticed a massive flock of birds dash towards the berry tree, but most of the food had gone but this time of the day. I went out and refilled the feeders and laid out sultanas as mum says that they are “Mr. Blackbirds favourite”. I came back in and was interested to see if any of those birds would come back and they did, not all of them but several. I used to watch the birds a lot when I lived at home full time, but over the last couple of weeks, I was either out of the house or doing work in another room and hadn’t appreciated them. 

There was a goldfinch sitting amongst the branches of the tree starring directly at me. I stayed dead still as mum ran to grab my camera for me, I really wanted to capture this moment and knew it’d be a challenge to take the photo in time before it flew away, which made me even more excited. Luckily, by a matter of what felt like seconds, I took a photo of the goldfinch. I was strangely happy after, it wasn’t the best photo I had ever taken regarding quality, however I feel like that illustrates my excitement of capturing this moment even more. The rush, pace and precision. 

7 Saturday


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