Critical Rationale

Through my research into Michael Christopher Brown’s work, I found that he delves into the ideas of discovery, partaking in journeys and the recording of his findings. This assignment initially posed as a challenge to me, I struggled with grasping how I could take one “absolutely necessary” photograph per day, for a week, without the series reflecting my uneventful week. The notion that it would not only define my week, but also myself encouraged me to look into how I want myself to be perceived.

I created a series of diary entries in order to reflect how I truly felt each day. This was strongly encouraged by Browns mentioning of taking an “honest path” and became a tool that illustrated how my journeys and feelings developed throughout the week. The concepts of necessity raised in the assignment, combined with Browns “honest path” were notions that I unpicked through personal definition. Necessity, to me, particularly in an unfamiliar environment, is something which responds to my senses, something that draws me in and gives me a motive to photograph that particular thing. This is why each photograph is different, because each has a different narrative form bound to them due to the mixture of journeys I made.

Presenting the images as a series of 7 was inevitable, but I deliberately decided to present them individually due to the fact that I wanted each photographs narrative to remain unique and personal and not intertwine with the others. Even so, I still aim for the images to collectively illustrate my photographic journey through the course of a week.

This assignment encouraged me to determine what was essential to photograph. This was achieved by delving into my senses, allowing my surroundings to speak to me, resulting in photographing what I felt I couldn’t go without photographing. Because of this, each images narrative form derives from a sense or experience that I responded to. I definitely believe that this assignment is a reflection of Brown’s work, especially concerning the notion of discovery and necessity. Although the assignment doesn’t encourage one to photograph similarly to Brown in a visual sense, such as where he photographs, but it does expose one to the concepts behind photographing the way he does. It also motivates you to discover an area, get a feel for the environment around you and gain a sense of appreciation for your surroundings. This can then be reflected upon this through ones imagery.


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