Letter of Communication

This is the postcard I have made to send to Michael Christopher Brown. I felt that postcard form best suited Brown after researching into his career and most recently, his Instagram, and gaining knowledge that he is often not in one, accessible, place for long period of time. Due to this, I have used Magnum Photos’ office in New York as the point of delivery as they are the closest source of contact to Brown. I chose an image I took for the assignment as the main display photo as it showcases my response to Brown’s assignment.


The postcard reads:

“Dear Michael Christopher Brown,

I am writing to you regarding my completion of your assignment in The Photographers Playbook. Over the past 3 weeks I have been researching into your career and photographic practice and have been amazed at the concepts your work holds when delving deeper into it. I have been influenced by your focus on discovery, not only in my surrounding environment, but also in regards to other peoples stories. By only photographing what is “absolutely necessary”, I now capture what I am allured to, rather than forcing an image or photographing for the sake of it. You have changed my outlook on photography, and my appreciation.

Victoria Billham (2nd year photography student)”.


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