Task Two

Step 1: Choose one of the assignments we have completed in the Finding Workshop

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.36.07


Step 2: Select one image from the assignment you have chosen, and analyse the components of the image that could lead to the development of a body of work

Aline Smithson’s Words and Ideas challenged me to question myself and acted as an exploration into the self. I found myself searching for ways to answer her 10 questions conceptually, trying to make a meaning out of the content and the representation of this. I struggled with this until I answered the question, ‘Who am I?’. I didn’t want a visually direct response by replying with a portrait of myself as although my visual front is arguably who I am, I didn’t want that to define me. I worked with ways in which I could represent my interests and hobbies that make up who I am, such as walking, exploring, and my interest in the preservation of the environment. This resulted in the use of a second hand photobook bought for me by a close friend. ‘Long Walks’ by David Johnston is an exploration into the act of walking and the methods of recording this. Johnston captures “seasonal and social change across a specific rural landscape” and uses diptychs and triptychs to evidence his observation of the rural areas he returns to time after time (Photoworks, n/d). Furthermore, Johnston considers the preservation of these landscapes and intentionally photographs where there are no traces of the modern world (Johnston, 1991).

With a series of diary entries accompanying these photographic sequences, ‘Long Walks’ is one of the publications from the Country Life series, which examines “work made in response to the George Garland collection of photographs” (Johnston, 1991).

The various concepts that derive from this book allow for a more considered and developed basis when expanding my initial idea. I must give thought to Johnston’s methodology and establish whether I will mirror his approaches, or adapt them. Also, considering the concepts I have drawn from his methodology, such as: the act of walking, the representation of the landscape around me and revisiting an area.


Step 3: Develop your image into a 5-8 image body of work that reflects the themes you have explored in your critical analysis

In book form:

Individual images ordered:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The small, one off zine I created and photographed here is only a mock up to present it’s form and order. If I were to publish, I would like to develop it further to create a stronger body of work.



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