Task Three

Step 1: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment


Step 2: Investigate your author and create an Instagram post that shares a visual portrait of the author

#phonar2016 VISUAL PORTRAIT of #RichardRenaldi #ThePhotographersPlaybook Born in Chicago, but calling New York home, having lived there for years, Richard Renaldi is a photographer who explores the form of identity and has an interest in travelling. He was presented his BFA in photography from NY University in 1990 and has since exhibited his photographs in galleries around America, Europe and Asia. Renaldi travels a lot for his work, but also for a hobby. He has recorded journeys with his partner through an intimate body of work framing the pair in hotel rooms from where they've visited. My image responds to the notions Renaldi has investigated throughout his life and career – specifically identity, travel and photography.

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Step 3: Analyse the author’s work. Present this analysis in a second Instagram post where the image should be made in the author’s “style”.

#phonar2016 IN THE STYLE OF #RichardRenaldi #ThePhotographersPlaybook Richard Renaldi looked into single portraits for a while but has since moved onto portraits with two subjects. In his body of work, Touching Strangers, Renaldi approaches strangers in the street and invites them to intimately pose with another stranger he has chosen based on their visual identity. This piece allows for brief relationships to be formed between strangers, whilst pushing them beyond their comfort zones. Realdi purposely chooses subjects based on who would look unusual, or out of the norm when placed together. His photographs create many feelings, although one may suggest the juxtaposing visual identities creates an uncomfortable, awkward viewing experience, whilst alluring and intriguing at the same time. From this, I planned to capture the concept of photographing the unusual together, particularly looking into visual or contextual contrast. When venturing out, I chose to go on a journey and wait until something caught my attention that looked, or was contextually contrasting or unexpected. My image frames flexible polystyrene pressed between the roots of a tree and a temporary walk way. What struck me was the use of the polystyrene and it's purpose. I thought it was rarity to come across such a mindful way of protecting the fragile nature and history of a tree (assuming this was its purpose). To me, this was an unexpected and unusual sight and believe this represents the unusual placed together, allowing one to look further into the contextual meanings.

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