Letter of Communication

I decided that my letter of communication to Richard Renaldi would be sent through the post, if I were to send it. After researching online to find a point of contact via post, I discovered nothing, therefore the address was made up. I felt that this was the most appropriate method of communication and I believe that a written letter shows greater acknowledgement to the authors work than what an e-mail would. Although I could have easily sent it via e-mail, I was drawn away from that as it seemed too informal.

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The letter reads:

“Mr. R Renaldi

15 East 41st Street

New York

United States

Dear Richard Renaldi,

I am writing to you regarding your assignment, ‘Turning the Tables’, in The Photographers Playbook. Being a 2nd year photography student, I am constantly being influenced by a variety of practices and methods of approaching photographic theories or notions and found your work particularly inspiring. I looked deeply into your body of work, ‘Touching Strangers’, and was highly allured by the juxtaposing identities of the subjects and the effect this created on the viewer.

I often photograph the natural environment and have always ventured away from the method of approaching strangers as it’s never settled well with my confidence, or lack of. This assignment really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I admit that I walked past every person I approached first, but then plucked up the courage and went back to them. Although I struggled with this element of the task, once engaging in conversation with whoever I had approached, my nerves settled a little and this mostly occurred after I told myself not to care what people thought, or didn’t worry about the fear of rejection.

Your assignment has certainly challenged me, but I appreciate the push it gave me to venture into an unexplored territory, that were new and at first intimidating to me. You have altered my perspective on this way of photographing, I now see a lot more benefits, rather than negatives. It has allowed me to form a more intricate connection with your work and a deeper understanding of how you work.

Yours Sincerely,

Victoria Billham”


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