Critical Rationale

Lucas Foglia’s Make It Seem… assignment enabled engagement between myself and my typical surroundings and encouraged me to think beyond my own perspective. I challenged an environment, a particular place or a particular object that I considered a place or thing of comfort and delved into how lighting, viewpoint and colour could juxtapose this notion of relaxation and tranquility. My bed was the focus as to me, it is one of my ‘go to’ places when I’m in need of relaxing and resting. I examined the natural light falling amongst the creased duvet folds, and any textures or smells that could help build a narrative for such opposing sensations. After analysing traces of hair and body imprints on the duvet and pillow, I began thinking about the idea of identity — Whose traces were these? When were they made? These shapes, shadows and forms began to feel almost eerie and ghostly, leading me to invent the narrative that these traces were left by someone who no longer occupies this space, someone who has potentially passed on. However, I wanted this narrative to delve deeper by giving this space a soft sense of memory, rather than making it seem haunted. I achieved this by introducing human form to the frame at points. This figure is who has lost the person who once occupied this space, possibly a loved on. This gives the narrative a whole other level of depth as now, as an audience we are not only investigating the traces of someone who was once there, but we now also consider this space as a place of mourning and bereavement for the person who has lost the loved one. This essentially creates a shift in whose emotions are being depicted in the video, going from the viewers, to the subject who has experienced loss.

The depiction of this relationship between subject and object is framed through intimate angles and personal viewpoints, both of which express ones need to feel close to the one they have lost in this environment. The video moves with the subject, forming a relationship between subject and viewer as the audience are forced to move as one with the camera, adopting the subjects viewpoint.

Altering the colour to monochrome focuses attention on the tones, textures and movement within the frame, and also illustrates the despair and sorrowfulness of the individual. This is echoed in the eerie silence, the portrayal of feeling lost and alone.

This assignment has encouraged me to progress past initial notions in order to create a connotative narrative form by considering how light falls, particular viewpoints, and how these can effect the mood and intention of a body of work. By using these as points of focus, I am more aware of how these can demonstrate deeper levels of narrative regarding the viewer experience, for example, how a slight glimpse of a hand draws focus to a subject who the viewer may identify themselves with, in turn possibly allowing the sense of appreciation, or empathy, sparking emotion from the viewer.


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