Task Four

Step 1: Choose one of the images or assignments you made as part of the Making Workshop

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.04.25


Step 2: Make the image, or complete the assignment, again, however this time using audio or video instead of still image

#phonar2016 task four. #LucasFoglia Make it seem… Make something content, seem sorrowful. One may associate a bed as a place where we feel content, cosy, warm and relaxed. I have framed a juxtaposing notion of how others, who may be, or have experienced loss may perceive a bed. Possibly being a place where a loved one once laid and felt comfort, which now only has traces of that person. For those people it may be a place of mourning and sorrow. I have chosen intimate angles and viewpoints to express ones need to feel close to the one they have lost in this environment. Additionally, I have deliberately altered the colour to monochrome to focus on ones despair and the close relationship between object and person. #ThePhotographersPlaybook #phonarnation #blackandwhite #video #iphotography

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