Task Five

Step 1: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment 



Step 2: Investigate your author and create an Instagram post that shares a visual portrait of the author (e.g. response to the key themes in their life)

#phonar2016 VISUAL PORTRAIT OF #TriinTamm #ThePhotographersPlaybook Train Tamm is an Estonian artist who produces books and objects, she graduated in 2005 from the Poznan Art Academy in Poland. Tamm began her career with an exhibition at OUI Art Center in Grenoble but allegedly due to her busy schedule, she couldn't make the opening of it. Even so, she has been spotted at many of her solo exhibitions to critique her own work, allowing for her practices' profess to be clearly visible. It has been said that Tamm has a "special relationship with the book format" (CCA nd) and that books are the key to her inner life. This visual portrait very literally frames the key elements of Tamm's life and career, her love of books, her artistic planning, self critique and busy schedule. #books #research #art #creativity #magazines

A post shared by Victoria Billham (@victoriabillhamphotography) on


Step 3:Analyse the author’s work. Present this analysis in a second Instagram post where the image should be made in the author’s “style”





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