Critical Rationale

Triin Tamm’s love of the book form was apparent from the moment I read her assignment. I found that this task represented my ideal assignment, if there ever were one, and was most fitting to my creative interests, book making. Although I was not challenged to create an actual book, I still believe that the precise and orderly brief with a conceptually loose depth allowed for individual creative freedom. Referencing a library in the brief, in some respects, sets loose guidelines for what the book may regard, which effectively suggests that my book would be placed in a library. This lead me to give some thoughts as to what genre and form of books would be found at a library in a photographic sense, whilst still taking into consideration what I would like my title and artwork to consist of.

Throughout the completing of this assignment, I strived to develop and better every element until I was content with the outcome. I researched into photo books and bodies of work that concern flora, landscape or the natural environment as a whole— a genre that I aimed to explore in my cover. By then dissecting the titles and typefaces, I was able to consider the subject specific lexis in a way that allowed me to develop a title that is relevant to my artwork, as well as presenting the desired genre I wish to perceive.

The relationship between title and artwork forms from my personal experience when taking the image. Spetchley Park Gardens has an enormous sum of flora, which was an element of my experience that I wished to be apparent. In addition to this, my title reflects my experience of entering this floral chaos via a path— giving significance to the terms ‘path’ and ‘jungle’ in my title. Although there is no visible path in the artwork, I aimed for the viewer to consider how the camera reached this point, where the photographer came from, was this shot intentional? Still, even with these questions being unresolved, the viewer may acquire a sense of journey and may question whether this is their destination or just a passing spot, effectively engaging the audience in this chaotic jungle of flora.

By completing this assignment, I have learnt that the roles of text and imagery can possess a great sum of meaning and when bound together, can generate strong narrative forms and a greater engagement between viewer, content and concept.


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