Letter of Communication

Whilst researching into Tamm’s life and career, I struggled to find first hand resources, whether that be from a personal website, interviews or artist statements (none of which I could particularly find). I found Tamm and her work quite a mystery. This is why my letter of communication, if sent, would be realised through an Instagram post, tagging Tamm. This is the only method I could possibly find to communicate and engage with Tamm as her existence on the internet is virtually extinct.

Regarding the design of my communication, I decided to mount my letter onto a black layer, similarly to how Tamm presents her text in ‘Title-Tourist’. I do feel as though it looks simplistic and possibly a little bland, but I hope Tamm would visualise the comparative relevance to her work. I also find it interesting that this photograph looks as though it could have been made on Photoshop, which may engage Tamm into how it was produced.


The letter reads:

“Triin Tamm, I have completed your assignment in the photographers playbook. I also love books and admire their form. My title is ‘The Path to the Botanical Jungle’ and the artwork is a chaotic frame filled with vibrant yellow flowers. The cover explores the notion of journeys. I love the artistic freedom I was exposed to due to this assignment. The brief allows me to venture into any creative direction. I find your work obscure and in some regards concealed. To me this only heightens the conceptual framework to your practice. One has to delve deeper into your work to recognise your thoughts. I found this as a result of my book cover. The combination of the title and artwork lead to greater contextual and conceptual meanings.”


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